Our Analysis of the Dating Site Flirt.com

Flirt is a fresh and dynamic one-night stand dating site. Whether you are straight or gay, it adapts to your needs and desires and allows you to meet many people whose expectations will match yours. Flirt.com is the perfect site to fulfil your fantasies, but what about for finding love? 

Presentation of Flirt.com

Originally, Flirt is a dating site for those looking for flings without fuss. It meets the demands of young people looking for relationships with no strings attached, but it is sometimes where you least expect it that you find love. No personality test on this dating site, you just have to register quickly to start chatting with other members. The principle of the site is entirely based on the fact that everyone is there to enjoy themselves, without judgement, which means that you are completely free to look for a long-term partner if you wish.
On Flirt.com, you can search indiscriminately for singles or couples, heterosexuals or homosexuals. Whatever you’re looking for, Flirt will help you find someone whose expectations match yours every time.

Some Key Figures

Available in 20 countries
Breakdown: 52% women, 48% men

Primary Features

The main feature of this naughty dating site is to offer different modes of navigation, from the most reserved to the naughtiest. This allows you, if you are looking for a long-term partner, to not see an image you don’t want to see. The naughty mode can be set to 3 levels: 
Normal: This mode censors all photos or videos that contain nudity or explicit poses. This ‘safe’ mode works best for who love mystery and prefer to use their imagination.
Naughty: this mode displays sexy and somewhat explicit pictures and videos of chests and bare breasts, but doesn’t show anything below the waist. 
No limits: everything is visible, including the naughtiest and most demonstrative photos and videos. 
Secondly, unlike other dating sites, Flirt relies on a chat system that allows you to get in immediate contact with those who are online. You can contact each person privately or participate in group conversations in the chat rooms. 

Subscription Price and Duration

Registration on Flirt.com is free, but in order to have access to the most interesting features and to have even more dates, you must take out a subscription that allows you to:
Use the unlimited chat;
See full-sized photos;
View ‘I’m looking for’ information on the profiles viewed;
Do extensive research;
Access premium support;
Send photos and videos in the chat.
Subscription Monthly price Total
3-day trial 1.53 GBP
1 month 24.99 GBP 24.99 GBP
3 months 17.85 GBP 53.55 GBP
6 months 14.28 GBP 85.67 GBP
These offers are payable by credit card immediately. At the end of the registration period, the subscription is automatically renewed for the same duration and at the same price. Please note that the three-day trial offer automatically converts into a monthly offer.
Once a member, you can subscribe to ‘extras’ that allow you to add functions to the site to further increase your chances of success.
Pack Price for 1 month
Extra Security Pack:
  • Full HTTPS encryption
  • Incognito browsing
  • Self-deleting history
11.99 GBP
Chat addict pack :
  • First in the messenger
  • Promoted in searches
  • Message delivery receipt
  • 5 times more visibility to other members
16.99 GBP
Premium Dating Pack :
  • Extra security + chat addict packs
24.99 GBP


Joining Flirt gives you access to a vast community of people with a wide range of expectations. Registration is quick and easy. All you need to do is enter your gender and search, age, location, and a password and email address to get started. Simply fill in your profile to fully use the site. 
No information is mandatory, but if you wish to attract other members, its best to give at least some information. A few fields with checkboxes are available, but you can express yourself in the ‘status’ bar to let people know that you are looking for a long-term partner. You can, and should, upload multiple photos or even videos to attract more attention from other members and express your expectations more clearly. 
Flirt.com wants to be intuitive and easily grasped. The interface is therefore rather simple, a horizontal menu at the top of the page offers a few tabs to access the main features:
The ‘Search’ tab allows you to access a page that displays all the profiles that match your search criteria. The filters can be changed as desired.
The ‘Like Gallery’ tab provides access to a carousel of profiles with photos. Just click on the cross or the heart to sort through them. Underneath are 3 tabs: ‘You liked’, ‘They liked you’, ‘Results’, the goal being to find out who liked you and whom you liked too. 
The bubble allows access to private messaging and chat.
The bell is used to track notifications. 
By clicking on your photo, you can view and edit your profile.
When you visit a profile, you can, of course, view the member’s photos and videos and view their information, but you can also request a chat or video chat, send a wink or add the profile to your favourites. 
For more fun and meetings, Flirt is optimised for all devices. That way you can keep flirting everywhere, from your smartphone or tablet.  

Customer Service and Security

Security is taken very seriously on Flirt.com. All member information is protected by data encryption. All members have a complete set of tools in their settings, including a ‘secure mode’ with 3 levels:
Inactivated: all members can contact you. For your safety, the site has made a date advice page available.
Basic: you can see and contact all members except those marked as suspect.
Complete: you can only be contacted by verified members.
Flirt.com also has a very good customer service and a very well-designed FAQ that you can review to get answers to the most common questions.

Why Subscribe to Flirt.com

If you’re looking for an easy to use site to have the opportunity to find love while having naughty encounters and spend some quality time without headaches, Flirt.com is probably the site for you. After all, just because you’re looking for love doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time! Especially as you’ll meet people from all walks of life, but by targeting your search, you will easily find profiles that meet your criteria. 

Our Verdict of Flirt.com

Both sophisticated and easy to use, Flirt.com is a very simple to use site. We appreciate the different levels of settings, both for the ‘naughty mode’ and the ‘safe mode’. It allows everyone to customize their interface according to their desires and expectations, which is quite handy.
The diversity of profiles found on Flirt allows everyone to meet partners for moments of no strings attached fun. You will also be able to find a long term partner, but this may prove more difficult, as this is of course not the primary objective of the members of this platform.

Strong Points

A large community with very diverse profiles
A friendly atmosphere, with no taboos and no judgement
A secure environment that adapts to everyone

Areas for Improvement

The search engine is slightly difficult to handle The community was not initially focused on relationships which reduces the chances of such encounters.

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