Why we created this naughty dating website guide

It’s the same old story: you like a profile but you don’t know if the person is looking for a casual or serious relationship. In doubt, you decide to send the first message and start the conversation. As you hit it off, you decide to reveal that you are just looking for someone with whom to have fun with but all your efforts fall flat and you get turned down. Classic dating sites are full of profiles, but finding people who are only looking for one-night stands is difficult.

Are you tired of going home empty-handed? You’re looking for people who, like you, only want quick interactions, then you’re in the right place. Our ranking gives you access to the best naughty dating sites only dedicated to one-night stands. We give you all the keys to make sure you don’t come home alone tonight!

Our naughty dating sites rankings were made by experts to allow you to make real encounters. Specialists in product rankings and analysis, we are a group belonging to a consumer association. After working in the consumer space, we decided to focus on the online dating sector, due to its increasing popularity in recent years and to prevent scams. The experts who help us establish these rankings get compensation through certain affiliation links that also allow us to offer you this analysis for free. Nevertheless, they have an obligation to remain transparent, neutral and are free to express their own opinions. In order to guarantee you truly authentic rankings, your opinions and impressions matter to us the most. They make up 70% of the final score. By voting you enable us to create better content and help those who, like you, are looking for the best sites.

Test the best sites

And boost your chances of meeting new people

Save time !

You can, of course, research and test different dating sites yourself.

But it takes both time and money…

This guide identifies the best sites so you can get started worry free.

The best sites at a glance

We decided to test the most popular dating sites and rank them according to different criteria (number of ads, ergonomics, features, number of dates generated).

You can find our ranking on our homepage at any time.


Each dating site indexed on our portal has a review section providing accurate information on the nature and quality of the services offered. You now have all the information needed to compare the different dating services listed on our site.

A Few Online Dating Tips At Glance

Do you find it difficult to achieve your goal on dating sites? Here are some additional coaching lessons to help you : 


Lesson n°1 : The registration on site 

The choice of a dating site matters. Choose one according to your needs. Comparator sites like this one allow you to identify the best performing sites! Don’t be afraid to go for broke and register on multiple sites. This strategy has the double benefit of making you searchable to more users and accessing to more profiles! 

Lesson n°2 :  The critical stage of profile creation 

First of all, studies show that the most successful pictures are outdoor full-body shots. Do not hide yourselves behind badly cropped selfies, it is often a no-no for potential partners! Likewise avoid uploading group photos or worse, pictures of you with your cat!

Profile descriptions are equally important because they allow people to understand your personality and your interests and therefore give them conversation starters. You don’t want to miss out on a potentially nice date because the person messaging you has no idea of what to say to you – apart from the same old ‘hey’ or ‘hi’, which are almost never responded to by recipients!

Your description should be genuine and free from spelling mistakes. Bios mentioning sport, music or reading are very successful! Finally, try to stay positive and avoid words like ‘alone’ or ‘loneliness’ that will scare off potential dates. If you want to be very successful, it’s better to talk about your interests rather than what you are looking for. Otherwise you risk narrowing down opportunities! Stay open and only clarify your expectations as the conversation progresses!

Lesson n°3 : The first message

As most users receive many messages, the best way to draw attention (once again don’t just say ‘hi’) is to be original and to personalise your message. Use something mentioned on his/her profile to have more impact! The writing style is also important: your messages should be positive and free from spelling mistakes (yes, your intelligence matters too!).

Lesson n°4 : Get down to it

If during the discussion you see that you’re hitting off, don’t hesitate to make the first move and suggest meeting for a date. Be careful not to limit yourself to purely virtual relationships. We understand that being rejected is scary but remember that love comes when you least expect it! As a meeting place choose a public place like a good restaurant or a nice bar! Last tip: trust yourself, stay natural and smile, it is always much appreciated! Conversely, people who present a false image are quickly exposed!

Our Online Dating Experts

Thomas : Thomas is 25 years old and knows all the tricks to pull from the first contact. People are sometimes surprised by the number of women he manages to bring home (his record is 4 in a week!). But it wasn’t always this way, quite the opposite. He tried a lot of naughty dating sites before finally finding the right technique and the right sites. He is not looking for a serious relationship at the moment and will be able to recommend you the best sites for one-night stands!

Katie Dating specialist, Katie has developed her testing skills by offering advice to the top casual dating sites. She reviews interfaces, ease of use and studies statistical results to assess the effectiveness of dating sites.

Martin Martin is a flirting coach. He tests many sex-oriented dating sites. Check out his list of the easiest sites to get laid. Thanks to his incredible technique, he easily identifies the sites that offer you the naughtiest singles.

Our rating criteria

Each site we compare is carefully reviewed according to the following criteria, which allow us to identify the sites with the best value for money.

Our analysis is renewed regularly to provide you with up-to-date information.

Profile quality

 Profile variety

 Male/Female Ratio

 Dating type : serious, casual, etc...

 Quality of photos and descriptions


 Presence or not of fake profiles

 Relevance of profile recommendation

 User responsiveness

 Site success rate :  did a high number of users find love on it ?

Customer service

 Customer service responsiveness and availability

 Customer service ratings by users

 Features : FAQ, instant messaging


 Additional services offered and their value for money : advice, support, available options

 Pricing : subscription and refund procedure, rate relevance, offers and discounts available, and diveristy of payment methods


 Profile protection, data security

Profile deletion procedure

 File monitoring, licences and permits for the operation of the website

User Experience

 User-friendly platform : from the user registration process to the unsubscribe process including the refund system and general browsing

 General layout : graphics, speed  

 Research tools and filters quality

User Review

 Ratings and comments from users regarding the site in general and the services offered are taken into account

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